Low carb diet

Carbs don’t add body fat unless you eat roughly three times more than your daily calories through carbs. For the carbs to be turned into body fat. If carbohydrate is more in the body will store what you don’t immediately need for energy and later release the glucose to keep your brain and body going while you’re not eating.

There is nothing unique about low carb even though people swear that by going low carb they have lost weight by saying. “When I cut out bread, pasta, rice, cake etc, I lost like 3lbs” Well done on your weight loss, but all you’ve simply done is ate less than you normally would. It’s has nothing to do with carbs.

If you are a carbs lover, have a busy work or social life or don’t have a meal plan or prep in place then the low carb diet might not be for you but however you could space out your carbs throughout the day in smaller quantity or save it as the last meal of the day and eat more veggies and protein

I hope it has helped put things into perspective by highlighting the flaws to some of the fat loss strategies that some say but you don’t actually need to do.

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