Gender Conscious Gym.

Confession from a happy client.


I grew up admiring being fit since I always noticed the attitude and confidence posed by those athletes and boss ladies who had their body and life in shape, knowing very well how physical fitness can align your life and help focus and be in balance I made a declaration it will be among my priorities in life.  Personally I have been a go getter and knew very well id make it in life in terms of carrier, spiritual matters and moral discipline what I wasn’t sure of is how to get myself in a gym with all the things that weren’t on my favour due to my religion/culture rules, and the intimidation that comes to us young girls in mixed gyms where guys wouldn’t stop staring and others tirelessly wouldn’t stop pursuing you even when you are not interested making it hard to focus on your main agenda of joining a gym.

I tried working on my diet which I hacked well since I was so determined to achieve the body I wanted and for health issues but food alone wasn’t enough, I would work out in the house but still it wasn’t as effective as id want since there is a lot you miss when you work out alone in solitude knowing less about the right postures for effective results. Hiring a personal trainer was something I thought of but with my budget I couldn’t afford and so I almost gave up since I had a lot to handle and this already had started feeling like a huge task for me to handle. I considered working out at home but with little motivation to keep pushing harder and lack of effective equipment’s to sort me out was an issue since on a budget and my little house couldn’t accommodate every equipment I desperately did the bare minimum but just wishing a miracle would happen and actually it did.

It didn’t take long since id always research on effective workouts, best nutrition and different gyms that were coming up and how different they were that I got to find out about fit4life gym through social media. This was a prayer answered and the big deal was it was a gender conscious gym where both gents and ladies have their separate fully equipped gym sections. What else would I ask for? Life wasn’t the same for me again though it wasn’t as near my home as I would have wanted their affordable rates and uniqueness was worth the effort to get there despite it all and subscribe for membership.

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