All goals matter

Some people have the goal of gaining weight, and this is a very legitimate goal. If you know somebody who is trying to gain weight, show them your support. Or at the very least, do not be condescending, unkind, and unsupportive.

You may have lost a bit of weight, and it has not been remotely intentional. Being busy/overwhelmed with work, and  also a bit overwhelmed with life.

You can make some significant changes in my life, including dramatically changing your work schedule, and also addressing your mental health, as it is extremely necessary. Both of these changes are pays off in a huge way, mental and physical health, and you may notice a tremendous difference.

A new beginning!

While your goals are usually predominately performance and health-related,  aim to gain a bit of weight as you feel much more athletic, powerful, confident, and healthier at a slightly heavier weight.
Don’t mention your goal to some people, as you may received some extremely unsupportive responses, including: ‘’why would you want to get any bigger,’’ ‘’you are so lucky you can eat anything you want (this isn’t true),’’ ‘’you look better thin,’’ ‘’I liked the way you looked years ago’’ . These are just a few of many unsupportive responses you may received.If you are somebody who wants to lose weight, to gain or maintain weight, GO AHEAD and do it! 

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